International Express Center

Operation started in December 2010, with GFA of 51,000sm.

International Express Center, One stop service of Customs, Quarantine and Inspection


ACL International Express Center is a comprehensive express sorting center; the service objects include international large express company as well as other international and domestic express company. International Express Center is designed according to the needs of the international express company, also obligated adequate land for the development of the international express service. The arriving cargo is directly distributed to the express center from airport apron or cargo terminal, while the leaving cargo can be directly packed and checked for security. The sorting system is connected to customs, inspection, and quarantine, which helped to achieve automatic operation. Besides that, customs, inspection, and quarantine authority and banks all have their own offices inside the Express Center, offering one-stop declaration and inspection services to satisfy the clearance needs of all the express parcels 24/7.