Domestic Air Cargo Terminal

G1 domestic air cargo station with GFA of 25,989.48sm was launched on October, 2022. The total GFA of G4 and G5 is 43,737.90sm, which will be completed by phases from 2024 to 2025.

Air Cargo Terminal, airside one-stop freight service


Air Cargo Terminal is the only place the goods can get on to a cargo plane. Its service targets include airlines and freight agents (freight agency companies or actual consigners). It is a bridge connecting airlines and freight agents. Air Cargo Terminals can be divided into International Airfreight Zone (including two areas which are import freight zone and export freight zone) and Domestic Airfreight Zone (including two areas which are in-port freight zone and out-port freight zone) according to the source country of the freight it handles. Air Cargo Terminals help the freight go through security check, weighing, packaging device installation, freight storage, weight control, loading and unloading of the plane and distribution.