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New Year Greeting from Managing Director of ACL, Little Things Make a Big Difference, Innovation Makes Change

Time:January 21 2021
We find ourselves in a time unlike we have seen in the past years. Year 2020 was a stressful time for the whole world. The COVID-19 had infected more than 23 million people. As the platform in the aviation logistics industry, ACL has also faced unpredicted difficulties, including periodic economic shutdown, desperate survival of the civil aviation industry, small and medium-sized enterprises in the park lack the ability to resist risks, delay on new projects.  It became painfully clear that disruptions cause many major problems, the work to improve our strategy becomes more important.
To face the challenges, the company quickly made strategic adjustments, adjusting the primary work as fighting the epidemic, ensuring the safety of the park and ensuring the normal operation of the capital airport's aviation logistics,suspending the expansion progress and adjusting the business strategy in time following the changes in the macro environment, consolidating the internal strength in accordance with the management policy of “system control, clear process, risk control and strengthened assessment”  to enhance the vitality of the organization in an all-round way.
Last year, 2020 was recognized as in a new decade of 21st century in the next 10 years, Innovation and Change in Thinking Style became the most important keywords, for instance, new economy, the revolution of new technology, the replacement of new and old industries and the reshuffle of market pattern. Because of Change, everything is unpredictable. Because of Change, there is no way to go step by step. We could predict that change would become normal, but we did not expect that it came so suddenly and violently. Over the past, ACL has been working hard to seek "innovation" in the "change" and to meet the challenges with a professional team. We have adjusted the organizational structure and implemented the talent development mechanism. At the same time, through the comprehensive development of the management improvement project, the company has formed a long-term mechanism of circle management and continuous improvement of efficiency. We have integrated resources to set up a new department with the goal of strategic innovation, deeply study the development trend of the industry, improve the supply chain service products, and enhance the core competitiveness of the market. We have continued to explore the new mode of integration and utilization of logistics information resources under the market mechanism, develop and build an intelligent information platform suitable for the characteristics of domestic aviation logistics services. Verdantix Top 10 Global Intelligent Building Innovation Award that wined last year is the first domestic winner of This reward in China. This was achieved through the integration of its financial ERP system, loT sensors and IWMS platform, which improved data accuracy and helped prevent rent loss of $5.5 million annually.
Therefore, we can see,
In the preventive anti-epidemic war of make concerted efforts and overcome difficulties together, all the people in ACL jointly practice the responsibilities, overcome many difficulties, and ensure the anti-epidemic safety of ACLP. We offer the excellent service to solve customer's difficulties, do our best to help the business recovery of the clients in the park. We also take social responsibility, assist Wuhan urgently, and use the practical actions and professional expertise of aviation logistics personnel to help the front line of defend against the virus.
When the epidemic situation in China has been alleviated and production has gradually resumed, air logistics, with the characteristics of high added value and high efficiency, has played a prominent role in the Non-war Military Operation. Both China government and State Council deploy to further enhance China's international air cargo capacity and strive to stabilize the supply chain. CAAC proposes to accelerate the supply-side reform of air cargo, upgrade the air cargo transformation from tradition to modern and brings a series of favorable policies for improving the quality and efficiency of air logistics industry. Seizing this historical opportunity period and window period, ACL has actively integrated into the construction of Beijing's national aviation logistics hub, closely centering on the national top-level strategy of promoting "double circulation". With successfully winning the operation of international warehouses in Daxing Airport, the company steadily promotes the infrastructure upgrading of Capital Airport air cargo base, making preparations for promoting the efficient linkage of "double airports".
Looking back to 2020, everyone in ACL has made concerted efforts to face to the difficulties, worked hard with the determination and deal with the changing situation to seeking breakthrough and innovation. Looking forward to 2021, the first year of the14th Five Year Plan, we will be more confident to meet the opportunities and challenges, work together with customers and partners to explore a wider cooperation and a more dynamic symbiotic mode and create a new ecological environment for aviation logistics operation.
Best Regards, 
Tim Hu
Managing Director of ACL