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Innovation is the Vitality of Enterprise Development Let the Professional Level and Innovation Engine Provide Surging Power for the High-quality Development of Enterprises

Time:January 01 2023
If ACL is an aircraft operated by the ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ route, professionalism and innovation are the engine of this aircraft. Professional knowledge holds us higher, innovation supports us to fly further. Together, they provide an endless surge of power for the high-quality development of enterprises.
The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly pointed out that education, science, technology and talents are the basic and strategic support for building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. We must regard science and technology as our primary productive force, talent as our primary resource, and innovation as our primary driver of growth. We will fully implement the strategy for invigorating China through science and education, the workforce development strategy, and the innovation-driven development strategy. We will open up new areas and new arenas in development and steadily foster new growth drivers and new strengths.
In the magnificent journey of comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese path to modernization, the importance of innovation driven is self-evident. As an important part of economic and social development, enterprises also need to take innovation and implement it. Deeply cultivate the field of aviation logistics, provide full chain product services for industrial partners, ACL that targets as the world's leading integrated operators will always take innovation as the driving force.
The Source of Innovation is Cognition
Founded in 2004, ACL creates the first airport type logistics park in China that provides bonded logistics and port logistics integration. The innovation and pioneering spirit of bravely standing at the forefront has always been surging in company's development. In recent years, especially in the last six years, with the development of diversified businesses and the change of market environment, the company has placed innovation in a more important position. The company has not only repeatedly emphasized and encouraged all departments and positions to think frequently, but also established ‘Thinking and Sharing’ as a fixed reporting chapter of the company's weekly meeting, so that every employee has the opportunity to talk about innovation based on their job and the company's business. This measure of the company aims to make the team pay enough attention to innovation in ideology, make innovation a subconscious action of everyone and cultivate a strong innovation atmosphere.
The Way of Innovation is to Get Talents
On the basis of creating an innovative atmosphere and establishing an innovative consciousness, ACL which based on the talent concept of people-oriented, pays attention to attracting and cultivating more talents with innovative ability, and goes all out to respect talents, develop talents in an all-round way, and concentrate on gathering talents. At present, most of the employees are expert talents who have been deeply engaged in the field of aviation logistics for many years. At the same time, the company also attaches importance to the introduction of fresh blood to constantly consolidate the talent base for enterprise development and innovation. At the same time, ACL has carefully designed a matching training system for employees at different stages. For management trainees, there is a ‘Full Hall Plan’ training system; For potential talents, there are ‘Talent reserve’ training courses; For the middle management team, experts are regularly invited to guide the improvement of management ability,to systematically build a more high-quality and innovative talent team.
The Improvement of Innovation is to Cultivate 
With innovative seed players and talent echelons, enterprises also need to provide them with a good environment, among which the most critical is the enterprise management mechanism to stimulate innovation. ACL has established a clear process and a series of incentive measures to improve the quality and efficiency of management. Establish a goal oriented, problem oriented and result oriented self-management concept to stimulate employees' potential. On this basis, ACL continuously carried out the special work of management improvement to support the orderly development of various businesses and build a series of security systems for team innovation. With the company's efficient management mechanism, self-management atmosphere and continuous management improvement, it ensures employees to innovate.
The Success of Innovation is in Practice
Once a clear innovation goal has been established and a highly feasible innovation plan has been planned, it is necessary to add it into the daily business activities, implement it into the specific work and even promote the successful experience to the industry. In recent years, ACL has continuously expanded its vertical integration and diversified innovation businesses, including freight forwarding, cross-border e-commerce, cultural bonded, pharmaceutical storage and so on. Innovation cannot be separated from information technology. The warehouse management system and customs affairs system developed in 2022 further enable innovative business incubation with science and technology. The roof distributed voltaic project of the Logistics Park, which was planned and constructed only in 2018, has become the largest distributed voltaic project in the domestic airport area.  At the same time, the team continued to explore and innovate in the professional field of carbon asset management. In the context of epidemic prevention and control, the airport insists on customer focus, innovates working methods, and solves the urgent needs of customers. These innovative practices have continuously strengthened the reputation and competitiveness of the company.
To grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to develop the future. Innovation is not about only one thing, but about the team building consensus to form a systematic synergy. Innovation is a long way, providing continuous and stable development impetus. Innovation does not lie in one place, but in the penetration of the changing times. With the professional strength to become a pioneer and leader in the industry, we believe that ACL will fly higher and farther.