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The Fighter First, The Innovator Strong-professional Innovation Engine will Power the Enterprise’s High-quality Development

Time:January 01 2023

If ACL is likened to an aircraft flying toward the lofty dream set forth in the 14th Five-year Plan, professionalism and innovation constitute the engine of this aircraft. Professionalism holds us higher, and innovation supports us in flying further. Together, they provide endless power for the high-quality development of the enterprises.


The Report of the 20th National Congress of CPC clearly pointed out that education, science, technology and talents are the fundamental and strategic supports for building a modern socialist country in all respects. We must take science and technology as our primary productive force, talents as our primary resources, and innovation as our primary driving force. We will further implement the “Strategy of invigorating the country through science, technology, and education”, the “Strategy of building a strong country with talents”, and the “Innovation-driven development strategy”. We will carve out and develop new areas and new tracks, and keep fostering new momentum and new strengths for the development.


In the magnificent journey of comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with China-characteristic modernization, the innovation-driven development’s importance is self-evident. As an important component of the economic and social development, enterprises also need to take root in innovation and make innovations in a down-to-earth manner. With years of experience in the air logistics field, ACL provides industrial partners with whole-chain products and services, vows to grow into the world leading integrated operator, and always takes innovation as the driving force.


The Source of Innovation Lies in the Consciousness


Founded in 2004, ACL established the first airport-type logistics park in China that specializes in bonded logistics and port logistics integration. With innovative and pioneering spirit, ACL braves the storms and dares to take up unprecedented challenges in its development. In recent years, especially over the last six years, with the development of its diversified businesses and the change of the market environment, the Company has attached more importance to innovation. The Company has not only kept urging and encouraging all departments and positions to think over and over, but also defined “Thinking and Sharing” as a fixed reporting chapter in the Company's weekly meeting, so that every employee has the opportunity to talk freely about innovation based on their jobs and the Company's businesses. Such a measure aims to make the team pay enough attention to innovation in ideology and consciousness, to make every department, every position, and every employee innovate spontaneously, and to cultivate a strong innovation atmosphere.


The Way of Innovation Lies in the Cultivation of Talents


Based on its endeavors to foster innovation atmosphere and cultivating innovation consciousness, ACL takes foothold in the “People-oriented” talent notion, and stresses attraction and cultivation of more talents with innovation ability. It goes all out to respect talents, trains talents in all respects, and gathers talents wholeheartedly. Presently, most of the employees at ACL are professional talents with years of experience in the field of air logistics. Besides, the Company also attaches importance to the introduction of new bloods and think tanks, in order to keep shoring up the talent foundation for its development and innovation. Moreover, ACL has meticulously devised suitable training systems for employees at different stages. For management trainees, there is a “Full-package Plan” training system. For prospective talents, there is a “Back-up Talent” training curriculum. For the middle management team, experts are invited at regular intervals to guide the improvement of management ability. By doing so, ACL will systematically build an innovative talent echelon with higher quality.


The Sustainability of Innovation Lies in the Incubation


With innovative seeded players and talent echelon, enterprises also need to provide them with a good environment for the incubation of innovation fruits. Herein, corporate management mechanism that stimulates innovation is believed as the most critical point. With a sound system, a clear-cut process, and a series of incentive measures, ACL is aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of management. It advocates cultivating a goal-oriented, problem-oriented and outcome-oriented self-management notion, in order to stimulate employees' potential. Based on this, ACL continuously carried out the special work on management improvement to support the orderly development of varied businesses and set up a series of security systems and firewalls for team innovation. With its efficient management mechanism, self-management atmosphere, and continuous improvement in management, ACL ensures the employees are able to, bold to, and willing to innovate.


The Achievement of Innovation Lies in Practice


Once a clear innovation goal has been set and a highly feasible innovation plan has been charted, they should be put into the corporate business activities and the specific position jobs, and even the successful experience should popularized in the industry. In recent years, ACL has continuously expanded its vertical integration and diversified innovation, and achieved steady development in such businesses as freight forwarding, cross-border e-commerce, cultural bonded business, and pharmaceutical storage among others. Innovation is premised on information technology. ACL’s warehouse management system and customs affairs system developed in 2022 further empower the incubation of innovation business with science and technology. The Datongguan Park Roof Distributed PV Project, which was planned and kicked off in 2018, now has been identified as the largest distributed PV project in the domestic airport areas, becoming a vital business card for the Company’s low-carbon development and receiving high recognition from industrial counterparts and the competent authorities. In the meantime, the team continued to explore and innovate in the professional field of carbon asset management. Amid the backdrop of pandemic prevention and control, ACL centered on customers to innovate in working method, helping customers resolve their urgent problems time and time again. The Company put in place its objectives and turned the blueprint into reality. All these innovation practices kept improving ACL’s industry reputation and competitiveness.


Stress on innovation means stress on development, and planning for innovation is planning for the future. Innovation is not about only one person or one thing, but about the teamwork for consensus and resultant force. Innovation is not about one day’s work, but about continuous and steady supply of development power. Innovation is not about one-time success, but about a keen insight to the ever-changing world. With its professional strength to become the pacesetter and leader in the industry, ACL is bound to fly higher and go farther when being winged with system innovation capability!