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Airport City Development Co., Ltd.: Operate with Sincerity and Honesty to Create Values for Employees, Customers, and Society

Time:October 14 2022

Looking from afar at Beijing Capital International Airport Economic Zone (Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone), you will discover a vast expanse of warehouses, which are linked with the world via air logistics. Here, the orderly and healthy development depends highly on its development, construction, and operation management entity Airport City Development Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “ACL”). Hu Tianmu, managing director of ACL, told about the Company’s way of business operation: “Integrity, the Foundation of Life and Frank & Honest Communication is the most fundamental premise by which the Company achieves team collaboration and wins over customers. Only when taking root in integrity, can the cooperation be long-lasting and create values for employees, customers, and society.”


Compliance is the foundation of integrity, and also one of the most important prerequisites for ACL’s healthy development. ACL has fostered the compliance culture notions including “Compliance Management”, “Compliance, the Foundation for the Company’s Survival”, “Compliance, Bringing Value”, and “Compliance among All Employees”, and given priority to compliance objectives. General Manager Hu Tianmu said: “We have instituted scientific and complete List of Compliance Obligations of the Company, List of Compliance Obligations of Departments, and Post Compliance Risk Identification Sheet, in order to put in place all compliance obligations and requirements level by level, and ensure every employee knows well and observes the Company’s code of compliance conduct. ” ACL has set up the compliance management department to ensure and supervise sustaining and effective implementation of all compliance rules.


Integrity is the management norm that ACL perseveres in, and also the important reason why the customers choose ACL. ACL visits customers, learns about customers’ difficulties, and helps them to tide over the difficulties. For provision of office building products and services, the Company supplies customers with optimized lease renewal and expansion solutions, roll outs delicately-decorated apartments, provides office furniture customization service, in order to meet different customer demands.


Under ACL there are two subsidiaries. Guided by the parent company’s “credibility and integrity” value, the subsidiaries Beijing Hanggang Lantian Property Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hanggang Lantian) and Beijing Time Aerolink International Logistics Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Time Aerolink) also act on the “Integrity, the Foundation of Life” notion. Hanggang Lantian has been responsible for the Hanggang Datongguan Park’s operation safety and other management work over years. By September, it had completed the reconstruction of the security monitoring systems for international express center, ACL logistics park, ACL international building, and bonded zone, and further strengthened its security protection ability. Time Aerolink’s business scope covers warehousing facility lease, air transport service, supply chain management, smart park management, and aviation logistics park planning and professional counseling service, etc. This year, Time Aerolink has passed Class AAA Good Faith Management Demonstration Unit certification. Good faith management has brought the enterprise great rewards. This year, Meituan Pharmacy Tianjin Project, which was partially invested by Time Aerolink, successfully opened in the a short time, and Time Aerolink’s JD Beijing Drug Warehouse ranked 1st among its domestic counterparts in comprehensive assessment of all business indexes.


Source: Shunyi Converging Media

Reporter: Xu Jinxing