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Challenging the Future for A New Release of Life - ACL 2023 Employee Conference Convenes Grandly

Time:Marcy 30 2023

At 10: 00 a.m. on the morning of March 30, ACL 2023 Employee Conference took place ceremoniously in Miyun District, Beijing. At the conference, the Company’s Management Team (MT) delivered keynote speeches themed on “Challenging the Future for A New Release of Life”, and Managing Director of ACL Hu Tianmu gave a speech and granted the employees long-term service honors.



In their keynote speeches, the Company’s 5 MT representatives presented scene employees with amazing viewpoints via profound narratives, real cases, and exhaustive data, bringing employees a feast of brainstorm.



GM Assistant Wang Yin said: operation capacity is the most fundamental ability by which ACL procures business and expands opportunities and incomes. GM Assistant Cheng Bo said: ACL people must be well adjusted to the future changes, and need to make changes proactively. Financial director Zhang Xiaochong said: every ACL people shall make efforts to grow into a member with strategic vision, divergent thinking, and value-oriented tentacle, and participate in the entire company’s departmental collaboration. Deputy General Manager Jing Wenzheng said: let the safety management available for every day and every person, and make the Company’s “Safety Organism” healthier and more sensitive. Deputy General Manager Zhao Peng said: it’s not difficult to know well opportunities and challenges, but it’s difficult to achieve self-breakthrough, walk out of the comfort zone, and keep maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit. You are advised to adapt to new environments and new challenges by making 5% changes every day.



After the speech, Managing Director Hu first spoke highly of the employee conference’s form innovation, and brought forth his requirements for ACL people in three respects: first, with a strong willpower, and with the guts to take up challenges and achieve victory; second, take root in innovation, respond to change with change, and drive the development; third, stress “Strategy first”, pool resources, and win the initiative. Later, Managing Director Hu granted honorary trophies to 12 employees who served the Company for 5 years, 10years, and 15 years, giving recognition to their long-term contributions to the Company’s development. That, together with Hu’s sincere advice, urged all ACL people to keep moving ahead against all odds.



In the extraordinary year of 2022, ACL people withstood multiple tests, and the team’s cohesive force and combat effectiveness were subjected to testing. In the first year for implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, the Company convened the employee conference to not just look back on the past but look into the future, to not just know the challenges but see clearly the opportunities, and to not just point out the problems but beef up the faith.


The opening guides the overall situation, and the starting shapes the future. As Managing Director Hu put it: ACL people must brave challenges with a fighting will, create the common tomorrow via strategic synergy, and win out in the long run by development innovation. To achieve the Company’s grand goal, ACL people set sail in the spring of 2023, and braved the future challenges in an upright and unafraid posture, in order to move together into a new release of life!