ACL offers professional information technology solution for the airport logistics park with our best effort. We will help your business develop and prosper!

Our features and advantages

With our standardized IDC computer room, standard equipment cabinets covering every corner of the park, and the network connection from both China Unicom and China Telecom, we offer you customized machine room for lease and computer hosting solutions. Regardless of your informatization stage, you will receive our warm care and professional guarantee so that you will be able to focus on your business rather than to worry about power failure, dust collection, system crash, damage, communication interruption, etc.

Through the information network, fibre-optical network, and network platform covering the whole park, we provide you the professional network construction solution with high cost-performance and conveniency, connecting you and your group company, multiple Function Zones inside the ACL Park, and supervision departments, making sure that you can always have easy access to your information no matter where you are.

Based on PaaS concept and our professional understanding of the technical support of the port logistics park, we offer you an one-stop service including technology, operation, and maintenance solutions for video monitoring system, generic cabling system, communication network system, desktop management system, etc. With the one stop solution of platformed as a service we gave our best effort to help your business prosper.

Our service projects

  • 1. Solution of IDC computer room host computer trusteeship
  • 2. Solution of regional group network
  • 3. Solution of comprehensive application of logistics park network
  • 4. Solution of integrated application and maintenance of monitoring system
  • 5. Solution of resident network communication
  • 6. Solution of generic cabling
  • 7. Solution of park business support- consultation

Typical cases

Provide high cost performance service for IDC computer room of NIPPON Express and HARMONY International Forwarding, etc. reducing the cost of management of computer room and cost of wiring for customers, satisfying the customers' needs of the operation efficiency and reliability of the close range professional computer room with a relatively low cost.


Provide DHL, SF Express and others, through PaaS protocol, a video monitoring system service according to the requirements of supervision departments, and reduce the initial investment for customers and improve the monitoring compliance of the system.


Provide park network service for DHL, NIPPON Express, HARMONY International Forwarding, etc. and reduced the infrastructure investment for customers and quickly satisfied the business deployment requirements with the service better than the traditional telecommunication operation agency and the cost performance ratio of self-built network.

Contact Us

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