Management Team

Liu Shaocheng

Mr. Liu Shaocheng joined ACL as the chairman in June 2023. Once served as Administrator of the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology. Administrator, Chief Staff Member, Deputy Director and Directors of the Research Office of Civil Aviation Administration of China. Director of Research Office, Comprehensive Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of the Trade Union of Tianjin Binhai International Airport. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Chairman of the Trade Union, and Employee Representative Supervisor of Beijing Capital Airport Co., Ltd. Secretary of the Party Committee of Capital Airport Holding Finance Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Shaocheng has years of experience in the aviation industry. He holds a master degree in Management Science from Peking University as well as economist.

Hu Tianmu
Managing Director

Mr. Hu Tianmu joined Airport City Development Co., Ltd. and served as the managing director in December 2016. He once worked in China Airport Construction Group Corporation and the Civil Aviation Administration of China as the Director of the Airport Construction Division of the Civil Aviation Administration of China., and later joined GLP China and served as Vice President (H) in 2016,, having accumulated more than 20 years of experience in airport construction and management. Mr. Hu Tianmu graduated from the Avionics Engineering Major of Civil Aviation University of China with the EMBA degree in aviation management of the first Sino-French cooperation program (Tsinghua – ENPC - ENAC Executive MBA Program).

Zhao Peng
Vice General Manager

Ms. Zhao Peng joined Airport City Development Co., Ltd. (ACL) in May 2006, and takes charge of Marketing, PR, General Management and Project Management Departments. Ms. Zhao Peng is familiar with the policies, regulations, and processes of real estate development, and in particular once managed through the whole process from primary to secondary development and construction. She is good at dealing with all kinds of public relations and has a bachelor's degree.

Jing Wenzheng
Director, Deputy General Manager

Mr. Jing Wenzheng, with a master’s degree in management, joined Airport City Development Co., Ltd. in April 2018, responsible for the safe operation and quality management of the Company. He once served as the Party Secretary of Capital Airport Holding Company and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Capital Airport Property Management Co., Ltd..

Zhang Xiaochong
Finance Director
Mr. Zhang Xiaohong joined the company as the financial director in September 2020. He once served as assistant, officer and business manager of financial management department of Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH). From 2013 to 2014, he was sent to work at the Budget Department of Financial Secretary at Civil Aviation Administration of China. With rich experience in accounting, budget management and capital management in the airport industry, he holds a bachelor‘s degree in financial management from Beijing Technology and Business University, obtains economist and senior management accountant certificates.
Fang Daoning
Board Secretary and General Manager Assistant

Mr. Fang Daoning joined Airport City Development Co., Ltd. (ACL) in May, 2008, and takes charge of the management of board office and IT department. He plays an important role in the Company’s strategies, major projects and coordination among shareholders. Mr. Fang Daoning once worked in the department of strategic planning and general manager office of Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH). He got his master's degree from Tianjin Business School.

Cheng Bo
General Manager  Assistant
Mr. Cheng Bo, joined the ACL in May 2007 and participate in the daily work of the Cost Control Department. Mr. Cheng Bo is proficient in the entire air cargo industry chain operation process and has rich practical experience in the investment, planning, construction, and operation of the aviation industrial park. Mr. Cheng Bo holds a double bachelor's degree in economics and management and a master's degree in MBA from Peking University, obtains Legal professional qualification certificate and Fund qualification certificate.


Wang Yin
General Manager Assistant

Ms. Wang Yin, joined the company in January 2018 is assigned to take charge of Times Navigation Aviation Logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACL. Before joining the company, she had served successive terms as Vice-president of the Strategy Department and Division President of Beijing Aviation Ground Services Co., Ltd. Capital Airport Real Estate Group and General Manager of its Beijing project company. She is experienced in aviation logistics and industrial real estate industry.

Cheng Jian
General Manager Assistant

Mr. Cheng Jian, joined the company in September 2022 is assigned to take charge of Industrial Research Institute, Corporate Development Department and Corporate Development Department. Before joining the company, he served as president and vice president of many domestic and foreign listed companies. Mr. Cheng Jian has rich experience in real estate, commerce, new energy, environmental protection, and proficient in strategic planning, operation management and industrial investment. Mr. Cheng Jian held a bachelor's degree in economics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and a title of Senior Budgeting Specialist.