Compliance and Integrity

Compliance and Integrity


Distinguished business partners:


Airport City Development Co., Ltd. (ACL or the Company) is committed to creating values for air logistics industry partners with its professionalism and innovation, in order to grow into the world leading integrated air logistics operator.


By defining “Integrity, the Foundation of Life” as the top priority of its corporate value, ACL strictly complies with relevant laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements in the business activities, in addition to upholding “Honest Operation” and observing the highest moral norms. Besides, the Company actively fulfills its compliance obligations, and performs its compliance promises to society and all business partners.


ACL clarifies the compliance culture notions including “Compliance Management”, “Compliance, the Foundation for the Company’s Survival”, “Compliance, Bringing Value”, and “Compliance among All Employees”, etc., gives priority to compliance objectives, requires every employee to observe the code of compliance conduct, and advocates “ Integrity, the Foundation of Life, and Frank & Honest Communication”.


ACL insists on implementing the compliance management in all business activities and flows, and makes the compliance management cover all departments, positions, and employees. Also, it keeps improving compliance rules and sharpens the compliance management ability.


ACL has set up the compliance management department to ensure and supervise sustaining and effective implementation of all compliance rules. The Company strictly carries out compliance inspection, never tolerates any law/rule-breaking behaviors that occur in the business activities, imposes punishment on employees in breach of compliance rules, and investigates them for legal responsibilities.


ACL hopes that all business partners will act with good faith. In case you discover ACL or its employees commit any noncompliance behavior or have any doubt about give transaction’s compliance, please report to the Company’s compliance management department at any time via the email (receiver address: We will earnestly review your feedback, and ensure the security and confidentiality of the tip-off information to the extent permitted by law, in order to strictly safeguard your legal rights and interests, strictly prevent the whistle blower from being attacked or retaliated, and reward the whistle blower given that the tip-off is proven true.


To guard against and reduce the occurrence of noncompliance behaviors, we earnestly request your supervision, and you are welcome to report according to laws. Thank you again for your long-term and strong support to ACL!


Airport City Development Co., Ltd.