Social Responsibilities

To Ensure the Operation and Development of Air Cargo in Capital Airport Area

Airport City Logistics Park (ACLP) is next to Capital International Airport, so its special location requires enterprises settled in the park to pay high attention to the safety management, in order to guarantee the safe operation of airport area. As a crucial component in the safety management system of Beijing Capital International Airport, ACL undertakes the mission of guaranteeing a healthy development of the park and the safe operation of the airport area. Since the opening and operation of Airport City Logistic Park, ACL has been taking strict precautions against the red line of air defense over 2500 meters within its jurisdiction by holding a precise working attitude and offering 24/7 of safety supervision and operation service, making our contribution to the air defense of Beijing Capital International Airport.


To Boost the Cargo Growth of Capital Airport and to Promote the Regional Economic Development

ACL is devoted to promote the development of air cargo of Capital Airport, developing the world-class logistics infrastructure and optimizing the cargo clearance process continuously, so as to keep the rapid cargo growth of Capital Airport, with the cargo throughput increasing from 780 thousand tons in 2005 to 1.96 million tons in 2019.


ACLP has attracted nearly 200 well-known enterprises, forming the industrial cluster made up of medicine, culture and aviation. The supporting ACLP International Building brings together a batch of domestic and international well-known enterprises, including China Headquarter of Nippon Express, north China headquarter of DHL, north China headquarter of Sinotrans, SF Express North China Call Center, etc., establishing a central business district for airport cargo area. It helps to solve the employment of over 23 thousand people in Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, and became the driving force of the development of surrounding commercial projects in level of millions.


To Create a New Mode of Development for Aviation Logistics Park in China

ACLP is the first and only aviation logistics park serving the whole industrial chain of air cargo in the country. During the process of development, construction and operation, it has integrated multi-resources from government, airport, regulatory authorities, airlines, customers, etc., established a public service platform, optimized the operation environment, and satisfied the demand of the whole industrial chain of air cargo on logistics facilities, creating a new model with investment and development, planning and construction, and bidding invitation and operation all in the aviation logistics park in China.


To Serve the Park and to Appreciate the Society