Talent Center

ACL values talent as the most precious resource for the company. ACL is driven by an elite team and it offers opportunities to employees of action and of competence!

ACL’s mission is to grow with the employees and tries to realize the ultimate goal of “harmonious development and mutual benefits”.


Prudent talent selection:ACL has built an advanced human resource management system to identify and screen candidates of different strengths and abilities during the recruitment and talent selection. ACL values creativity and work contribution. It provides nice career opportunities for employees and offers them a platform to realize dreams.
High expectations with employees:ACL recognizes that “talent is a supplement to virtue while virtue leads talent.” ACL expects its employees to qualify job requirements and lead a life of virtue. The ancient saying goes, “everything has a fault and even the intelligent man can’t know everything.” We should put virtue before talent. Virtue can boost talent and talent cultivate virtue. We will focus on organization building to form an excellent team whose members contain both talent and virtue.
Talent grooming:ACL has a complete talent grooming system, which, based on inheriting and carrying forward the past experience and culture, encourages innovation and develops new technologies and ideas. ACL “sows the good seed” in grooming talent. It encourages people to study and share knowledge, master principles and laws, and keep pursuing and realizing innovative ideas; meanwhile, it also advocates to act in morality.
Valued talent:ACL always tries to scoop up talents. We understand employees and assign them to the right positions. We never abandon talented people and match jobs with regard to qualification and appropriate remuneration. ACL uncovers every employee's characteristics of personality with sharp observation. We always match the right person to the right position based on their abilities to best realize their strengths. With great people in the right positions, we can achieve more.